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Human hand wearing a black glove plugs in a green plug for holiday lights into an exterior wall outlet housed in a plastic outlet cover, black glove, hand in black glove, glove, hand, human hand, green plug, plug, outlet, exterior outlet, home outlet, household outlet, wall outlet, outdoor outlet cover, outlet cover, holiday lights
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Michael Franco

How Outdoor Outlets Keep You Safe

Choosing the right outdoor outlet with the appropriate safety features is crucial for a secure and reliable electrical setup. Here's all you need to know.

Pipes of HVAC system (heating ventilation and air conditioning).
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Angela Noel

What Is a Central Ventilation System?

Central ventilation systems offer the perfect solution by pumping new life into stagnant living spaces. Explore the science behind these simple mechanical machines and how they use fresh air to improve health and comfort while protecting homes from moisture damage.

Google Nest Cam for outdoor use
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Shelley Frost

Home Security Tips for Renters

You might not own your home, but you can keep it secure with devices such as alarm systems for apartments and door bars. Try these home security tips for renters to feel safer in your apartment.

Ordinary American cockroach, walking on table with scraps of food, feeding on crumbs. Concept of lack of hygiene at home, need for pest control
Rowan Guthrie

Mold, Pests and Other Issues You Need to Bring Up to Your Landlord

No one wants to live in a home infested by pests or mold, so tenants need to know their rights as well as their landlord.

Man recording a street performance of a guitarist with his mobile phone
Sarah Stasik

Is It Legal to Record Video in Public?

Recording laws are complex and vary by state. However, there's some general guidance that can help you keep video recording within the confines of the law.

A legal document with the words Last Will and Testament at the top sits on a desk with a pen on top of it, last will and testament, will, testament, dying wishes, death, estate planning, inheritance, planning, financial planning, legal document, document, legal papers, papers
Sarah Stasik

What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

Adults of any age may benefit from having a valid will. One of those benefits is saving your surviving loved ones from the stress of divvying up your estate if you pass away without a will in place.

Worker working for concrete pavement for ground at construction
Shelley Frost

6 Home Renovations That Could Jack Up Your Home Insurance Premiums

Consider how certain home renovation projects affect your home insurance rates before you make plans to remodel.

Driver due to being subject to test for alcohol content with use of breathalyzer
Rowan Guthrie

Can You Refuse a Breathalyzer? 

Pulled over for a suspected DUI or DWI? Learn about your rights when it comes to a breathalyzer test.

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