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A legal document with the words Last Will and Testament at the top sits on a desk with a pen on top of it, last will and testament, will, testament, dying wishes, death, estate planning, inheritance, planning, financial planning, legal document, document, legal papers, papers
Sarah Stasik

What Is a Codicil to a Will?

Creating a will is a basic estate task that almost anyone can benefit from. Another benefit to a will is that you're not locked into today's decisions — you can make changes to your wishes later with a codicil to your will.

MORGANTOWN, WV - 12 AUGUST 2018: UPack Relocube moving containers on driveway of townhouse
Katelynne Shepard

Security Deposits Vs. Move-in Fees: What to Know Before You Move

Moving into an apartment comes with unexpected expenses. Knowing what types of fees to expect — and what they mean — can make the process smoother.

Law enforcement officer interrogating Criminals male with handcuffs in the investigation room Police officer interviewing after committed a crime
Gwen Case

How Probation Works

Probation offers some people convicted of a crime an alternative to incarceration. If you or a loved one is facing probation, you'll want to learn more about this potentially confusing legal process.

A fully installed sump pump is shown under a flashlight beam sticking out of a concrete basement floor with exposed pink insulation visible in the background, sump pump, pump, sump, basement, concrete floor, basement floor, flashlight, darkness, dark, insulation, pink insulation, exposed insulation, flooding, flood, flood control, flood prone, flood prevention, plumbing
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump?

Do you need a sump pump? That depends on several factors, including the weather where you live and whether you have a basement.

The storefront of a payday loans business is shown during the day in what appears to be a strip mall with no people in sight and a blue sky visible in the background above the roof of the building, payday loans, payday loan, payday, loan, predatory lending, lending, lender, bank, banking, finance, poor finances, strapped for cash, cash, money, strip mall, storefront, windows, blue sky
Elizabeth Michael

What Is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans can really help if you've got a pressing bill or other financial emergency that can't wait until your next paycheck. However, it's important to take some time to learn how payday loans work when it comes to finance charges, fees and repayment terms.

Court of Law and Justice Trial Proceedings: Law Offender in Orange Jumpsuit is Questioned and Giving Testimony to Judge, Jury. Criminal Denying Charges, Pleading, Inmate Denied Parole.
Leigh A. Morgan

How Parole Works

Parole is a common penalty for people convicted of crimes. The process isn't always easy, but it does give the individual an opportunity to reenter the community instead of staying in jail or prison.

A composite photo shows a closeup of a mouth with dark colored neglected teeth on the left side and pristine pearly white teeth on the right side, teeth, tooth, mouth, closeup, teeth whitening, tooth whitening, teeth, tooth, whitening, dentist, dentistry, dental, lips
Shelley Frost

Costs of Neglecting Preventive Dental Care

Dental fears can keep otherwise health-conscious people from getting the preventive dental care they need. Skipping your routine dental checkup might not seem like a big deal, especially if you don't have any noticeable dental issues. But it could lead to major problems down the road.

An orthodontist wearing blue latex gloves and holding medical instruments works on the open mouth of a patient with a clear plastic guard around the perimeter of the mouth and displaying teeth with metal braces affixed to them along with the tongue, braces, orthodontic braces, metal braces, teeth, mouth, tongue, lips, dental device, dental guard, orthodontist, orthodontics, dentist, dental, dental health, oral health, tooth, instruments, medical instruments, dental instruments, orthodontic instruments, blue latex gloves, gloves, latex gloves, medical
Katelynne Shepard

Does Insurance Cover Orthodontic Treatment?

Dental insurance can certainly help quite a bit when you're dealing with a cavity or need a crown, but when it comes to orthodontic insurance, it can be a bit more complicated.

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