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A man carrying a briefcase arrives home from work to his home has been ransacked and burglarized with his belongings strewn about the floor of his residence, burglary, crime, robbery, criminal activity, crime victim, victim, briefcase, mess, ransacked, burglarized, burglar, steal, stolen, stealing, larceny
Shelley Frost

What to Do After a Break-in

Your home is your sanctuary, so dealing with a break-in can leave you feeling violated. Before you charge into your home to serve up your own justice, take a few deep breaths and err on the side of caution.

Illustration of person pushing lawsuit across table
Hannah Stephens

Can I Sue for Defamation of Character Over Something Said About Me Online?

Defamation via social media isn't just hurtful — it can lead to real-life consequences. Understanding defamation law can help you determine whether you have a case, but it's worth consulting a lawyer with experience in online defamation suits.

A villa in Florida gets its Spanish tile roof replaced above the garage as a palm tree hangs into the frame and the home sits against a blue sky with white clouds, Spanish tile, Spanish, tile, Spanish tile roof, tile roof, roof, Spanish roof, driveway, blue sky, clouds, greenery, shrubs, palm tree, tree, palm
Home Improvement
Lee Soren

Sustainable Roofing Materials: Costs and Considerations

When you choose a sustainable material, you’re opting for a resource that won’t be consumed before it can be replenished. If it’s time to replace your home’s roof, it's something worth considering.

A closeup image shows a green highlighter marking over the word fraud ostensibly on a dictionary page, fraud, fraudulent, highlighter, green highlighter, marker, dictionary, definition, term, legal terms, legalese, dictionary definition
Leigh Morgan

What Is Fraud?

Before you make any financial decisions, learn more about fraud and how it can affect you.

A man in a dark business suit and yellow striped tie with his hands held up in front of the viewer wearing handcuffs around his wrists, business suit, businessman, dark suit, handcuffs, cuffs, arrested, charged, white collar crime
Leigh Morgan

What Is White Collar Crime?

Law enforcement professionals group similar offenses into broad categories. White-collar crime is one of those classifications.

Illustration of a celebrity with larger burden of proof than regular person
Carina Jenkins J.D.

Celebrities! They're Just Like Us … Except When It Comes to Defamation Cases

Public figures, such as politicians and celebrities, must meet a higher legal standard when suing for defamation of character.

A closeup of an outdoor air conditioning unit that has frozen over, frozen, freezing, freeze, ice, icy, frozen AC unit, frozen HVAC unit, frozen air conditioner, AC unit, air conditioner, hvac unit
Home Improvement
Lee Soren

7 Tips for Winterizing Your Central Air Conditioner

Read this guide to learn how to winterize your AC unit, and discover some tips for keeping your equipment in tip-top shape during the cold season.

residential air conditioning unit with a new condenser unit has just been installed
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

How Your Ducts Work: Your HVAC System, Top to Bottom

You know adjusting your thermostat ensures ducts deliver warm or cool air to your property, but maybe you don’t know how your HVAC system does it.  Here's how your HVAC system works.

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