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A spotted lanternfly insect sits on a log against a blurred background, bug, bugs, insect, insects, pest, pests, pest control, exterminator, invasive insect, log, tree, nature
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Elizabeth Michael

What Are Spotted Lanternflies?

Lanternflies are considered an invasive species, and they're particularly fond of grape vineyards and sap-producing trees. If left to their own devices, lanternflies can cause significant damage to crops, trees and plant life.

A closeup photo shows a man wearing a business suit extending his hand into the foreground to offer it for a handshake ostensibly for the purpose of closing a legal or business negotiation, negotiation, lawyer, law, attorney, legal, handshake, shaking hands, business suit, suit, attorney, business, businessman
Missy Nolan

Ask a Lawyer These 5 Questions Before You Hire Them

An attorney can provide legal advice if they decide to take your case, but like many potential clients, you may be wondering how you know a law firm is a good fit for your case.

Family couple consultations with a lawyer or insurance agent. Law and insurance.
Rowan Guthrie

How Does Getting Married Affect My Tax Filing Status?

Marriage brings some changes to your financial picture. This includes how you file your taxes. Explore how marriage affects your tax filing status as well as the potential benefits it can bring.

Tax Season: 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Form Horizontal top right view of an office laptop background with a metallic pen Tax Time note pad reminder green tree foregrounds - work from home and personal and social distancing - image
Shelley Frost

What Are Estimated Tax Payments ... and Who Are They For?

Estimated tax payments only apply to certain situations, but if a tax professional recommended that you make them this year, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

A jewelry box is full of gold jewelry of all types including necklaces and rings and bracelets and earrings, gold jewelry, jewelry, gold, necklace, necklaces, gold necklace, gold necklaces, ring, rings, gold ring, gold rings, earring, earrings, gold earring, gold earrings, bracelet, bracelets, gold bracelet, gold bracelets, jewelry box
Jane Anderson

How Much Does Jewelry Insurance Cost?

You want to enjoy your jewelry without worrying about dropping it down the drain or having it stolen. But is jewelry insurance worth it?

A closeup of a female hand shows her four fingers and a diamond engagement ring with a wedding band on the ring finger, wedding ring, ring, wedding, engagement ring, engagement, engaged, fiancee, fiance, diamond, diamond ring, fingers, female fingers, woman, woman's hand, woman's fingers, ring finger, wedding band, jewel, jewelry
Bridget Coila

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

One important item on your wedding to-do list should be acquiring wedding insurance coverage, a one-day insurance policy designed specifically for this type of event.

A security surveillance camera mounted on the red brick exterior wall of a house just under the white overhang of the roof and just next to a white trimmed window faces away from the home, security camera, camera, video surveillance, surveillance camera, surveillance, security, safety, red brick exterior wall, exterior wall, wall, red brick, brick, brick wall, window, roof
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Shelley Frost

How to Conduct a Home Security Audit

Conducting a home security audit can help you spot vulnerabilities that could put you at risk. Learn how to do a free home security audit yourself to spot changes you can make.

A woman in a brown sweater standing in front of a blue curtain against a white wall holds her hand over her mouth in shock as she looks up at damage to the ceiling, blue curtain, woman, brown sweater, ceiling, damage to ceiling, apartment, white wall, drywall, curtain, shocked, amazed, disbelief, distress
Sarah Stasik

What Can I Do if My Landlord Won't Make Repairs?

What if your landlord doesn't fix things in a timely manner or at all? Unfortunately, that does happen, and it's important to know what to do if the landlord refuses to make repairs.

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