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A male hand holding a pen points to a document on a clipboard resting on a white surface that reads Paid Family Leave in relation to the FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act as a pair of eyeglasses sits nearby, eyeglasses, glasses, clipboard, document, legal document, FMLA, Family Medical Leave Act, paid family leave, medical, medical document, healthcare, health care, pen, ink pen, human hand, hand, male, male hand
Shelley Frost

What Is FMLA?

Family and medical leave can help you keep your job in certain qualifying situations. Learn more about what FMLA leave is and how you can become eligible for it.

Kitchen renovation - before photos
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

Why Are My Lights Making a Buzzing Noise?

A buzzing light fixture is never something to ignore. While the sound could simply mean you need a new lightbulb, it could also be the first warning of a potential electrical hazard.

A room in a home is extremely cluttered with varied household items, clutter, messy room, junk, decluttering
Home Improvement
Sarah Stasik

How Much Do Different Storage Options Cost?

Self-storage solutions keep your belongings safe during a house move or declutter. Learn how much storage costs for a storage unit or pod rental.

Business people watching a live streaming. Social media concept.
Sarah Stasik

Can Your Employer Monitor Your Social Media?

How much access does your employer legally have to your social media? You might be surprised to find out how Facebook or Instagram can impact your employment.

A closeup photo shows male hands and arms holding a padlock attached to a latch on an orange corrugated metal storage unit door locking it or unlocking it, storage unit, storage, storage facility, lock, padlock, locking, locked, storage unit door, corrugated metal
Sarah Stasik

How Much Does Storage Insurance Cost?

Whether you're keeping seasonal decorations or furniture you may want in the future in an off-site storage unit, you might need storage insurance.

Full length side view at handsome bearded man loading cart with cardboard boxes into self storage unit, copy space
Leigh A. Morgan

Did You Know You Need to Insure the Stuff in Your Storage Unit?

Once you secure a storage unit, it's important to protect the items inside. Learn how storage insurance protects you against devastating losses.

A woman wearing a white long sleeve button down shirt holds a credit card in one hand and a smartphone in the other, woman wearing white long sleeve button down shirt, long sleeves, button down, white shirt, credit card, charge card, card, smartphone, cell phone, phone, mobile phone, mobile, phone scam, scam, crime, identity theft, financial, financial crime, victim
Sarah Stasik

How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

Your credit cardsstatement is a record of all charges on your account, but it's not the be-all, end-all authority on what charges you actually made. Here's how to dispute a credit card charge.

The gavel of a judge sits on a wooden surface ostensibly in a courtroom with thick books sitting on the same table in the background, gavel, judge's gavel, hammer, courtroom, court, legal, legal case, legal matter, law, law books, legal books, thick books, books, wooden table, wooden, wood
Sarah Stasik

What Is Legal Precedent?

If you've ever watched a television legal drama, you've probably heard the term "legal precedent" thrown about. But what is a legal precedent, and how much does it impact cases in the real world?

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