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Reverse osmosis water purification system under sink in a kitchaen.  Water cleaning system installation. 3d illustration
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Shelley Frost

What Are the Pros and Cons of Home Water Filtration Systems?

To filter or not to filter? Is a home water filtration system worth the investment? Explore the pros and cons of a home water filter system to decide if you want to install one.

Closeup portrait of dissatisfied young beautiful woman looking into glass of water and sitting at table in kitchen. Bad quality drinking water concept. Front view.
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Kaia Koglin

Why Does My Water Taste Metallic?

There can be a number of reasons for metallic-tasting water, so it's important to understand what’s causing it. Learn some common reasons why your water tastes like metal and what you can do to fix it.

Diverse couple sitting at home office with a laptop at the table at home and looking the blueprints of their new house. Investing money into new home. Making financial strategy. Copy space.
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Rowan Guthrie

How to Budget For a Home Renovation

Tearing down walls and building a new dream space can be exciting, but home renovations are notorious budget-busters. We'll help you avoid going over budget.

Woman cleaning clothes with clothes roller, lint roller or sticky roller from cats hair. Cats hair on clothes. Cleaning hair from pets. High quality photo
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Michael Franco

Top 5 Methods for Removing Pet Hair

You can effectively manage pet hair on hardwood floors, keeping your home clean and ensuring that your floors are showcased at their best. Here's how.

Home construction with hot red and cold blue pex pipe layout in pipes and exposed beams
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Elizabeth Michael

Why Are My Pipes Gurgling?

If your pipes are gurgling, there's definitely something going on with your plumbing that should be addressed. Understanding the different causes of this unique plumbing symptom can help you determine whether the issue can be solved in a DIY fashion or if professional intervention is the best way to go.

Leaked underground PVC, polyvinyl chloride, water pipe, caused / pushed broken by big tree root, was dug out from the ground
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Elizabeth Michael

Here's What to Know About Tree Root Invasion of Your Water Line

A sink or tub full of backed-up sewage water or a constantly clogging toilet is never a good sign. In severe plumbing situations like these, tree root invasion is often the culprit.

Prison guard esicort inmate throught corridor in jail corridor for booking after arrest.
Elizabeth Marcant

Can I Be Charged With a Crime I Didn't Know Was Illegal?

Yes, you can be charged with a crime even if you didn't realize you were doing something illegal. However, in certain cases, not realizing your actions are criminal may help support your defense strategy. 

Close up of charges for electricity services on statement
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Sarah Stasik

Why Is My Electric Bill so High?

Is your electricity bill much higher this month than it's been in previous months? Discover some reasons your utility cost may have shot up.

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