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A young woman sits upright in bed with her legs under the covers up to her waist and is holding her dental night guard as a bedside lamp glows in the background, night guard, dental guard, dental night guard, lamp, nightstand, bedside lamp, bed, in bed, bedding, under the overs, woman, young woman, dental, dentist, teeth, oral health, dental health, medical device, dental device, heathcare, health care
Andrea Burton

How Much Does a Teeth-Grinding Night Guard Cost?

Teeth grinding and clenching can leave you feeling miserable in the morning. But is a night guard the right solution, and how much is a night guard, anyway?

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Be Your Own General Contractor. Here's How

Traditionally, people hire general contractors to oversee and manage projects. Being your own general contractor means you take on this role yourself, and handle all the responsibilities and risks involved.

Fungus gnats are shown stuck to yellow insect paper affixed to a potted green houseplant with natural light in the background, green houseplant, houseplant, green, plant, green plant, potted plant, potting soil, natural light, soil, insect paper, insects, bugs, gnats, fungal gnats, fungus gnats, flying insects, dead bugs, dead insects
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Elizabeth Michael

What Are Those Tiny Bugs in My House — and, More Importantly, How Do I Get Rid of 'Em?

While some common small black bugs are more frustrating than harmful, others can spread germs and cause wicked bites. Here are some helpful tips to identify and eliminate small bugs in your house. 

A woman wearing white smiles and hands her credit card to a medical receptionist behind the counter at a medial office with a window letting in natural light in the background, woman, smiling, smiling woman, window, natural light, doctor's office, medical office, dental office, dentist's office, blue smock, receptionist
Shelley Frost

How to Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs for Dental Procedures

The specifics of your insurance plan often impact how much of the dental work costs you have to pay. However, you can get creative and figure out how to pay for expensive dental work by lowering your out-of-pocket costs.

A closeup photo of a dental abscess shows human fingers holding the persons lips apart in order to get a look at the large protrusion that has formed on the gums of their plaque stained upper teeth, plaque, upper teeth, teeth, closeup, abscess, dental abscess, dental, dentist, medical, fingers, mouth, lips, gums, healthcare, health care, medical care, dental care, dental health
Andrea Burton

How Much Does It Cost to Treat a Dental Abscess?

Ouch! You've been up all night with a throbbing pain in your tooth, and you're waiting to hear back from your dentist. Right now, you just want the pain to stop, but in the back of your mind, you're thinking about how much it’s going to cost to fix.

A close up of a red emergency triangle on the road in front of a damaged car and unrecognizable people. A car accident concept. Copy space.
Shelley Frost

7 Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

Dealing with high car insurance rates? Before you think about selling your car and pedaling your bike everywhere, consider the factors that influence your auto insurance rates.

Male handyman with tool belt against stucco wall.
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Rowan Guthrie

Being Your Own General Contractor: Pros and Cons

Being your own general contractor is one way of reducing your costs, and there’s the added benefit of knowing the project is your own. However, for every upside, there’s a countering downside.

A pair of male hands and a pair of female hands rest on either side of a divorce document with a pen on top of it and gold rings beside it on the table, hands, male and female hands, couple, husband and wife, divorce document, divorce, document, legal document, legal, lawyer, lawyer's office, gold rings, rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, pen, signing document
Bridget Coila

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce: What to Know

Ending a marriage can be complicated, and some people choose legal separation instead of (or before) committing to an actual divorce. The specific laws related to separation and divorce may vary by state, with some states requiring a legal separation before a divorce can be finalized.

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