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tradesman discussing plans with business owner for upcoming project while checking smart phone
Sandy Hess

What Is a Mechanic's Lien?

Before you consider not paying that final bill for work performed by a contractor, it’s important to understand what a mechanic’s lien is, how it works and how it can impact you.

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Erin Wallace

What Is a Creative Commons License?

If you're a creator who wants to share your work with the world, you might be interested in a Creative Commons license. Here's everything you need to know.

illustration of appliances as seniors
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

How Appliances Show Their Age

How old are your appliances? Wear and tear eventually take their toll, so let’s look at the warning signs that tell us our old appliances need repairing or replacing.

illustration of a troll hoarding patents
Bridget Coila

What Is a Patent Troll?

While the patent system was designed to help inventors keep control of their own intellectual property, patent trolls skirt the rules to make money through lawsuits for patent infringement and don't actually create anything innovative.

Dentist preparing his workplace in the dental office. Dentistry, medicine, medical equipment and stomatology concept
Shelley Frost

Does Medicaid Have Dental Coverage?

Whether Medicaid covers dental could depend on your state of residence and your age. Find out more about Medicaid dental coverage to see if you can get dental care under your plan.

Serious investment broker, financial advisor or bank worker in suit and glasses consulting young couple giving legal advice, offering loan or presenting insurance services convincing to make deal
Rowan Guthrie

What to Do If Your Home Insurance Claim Is Denied

If your home has suffered damage due to an unforeseen disaster, you may expect your home insurance company to cover the repair and replacement costs. However, some home insurance claims are denied, leaving people like you with a financial burden and a lot of frustration.

Closeup Asian man call center, customer service, telesales in formal suit wearing headset or headphone talking with customer in modern office
Bridget Coila

What's the Difference Between an Insurance Broker and an Agent?

Knowing how insurance brokers and agents work helps you understand the differences so you can choose the best option for helping you get the coverage you need.

lawyer and client looking at each other while discussing papers in office
Kaia Koglin

What's the Difference Between and NDA and a Confidentiality Agreement?

If you're considering a confidentiality agreement versus an NDA, understanding the distinctions can help you decide which contract to use to protect your information.

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