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A woman with shoulder length gray hair holds her smartphone up and appears to be recording uniformed police in riot gear shown blurred in the background, police, cops, coppers, police officers, officers, law enforcement, law enforcement officers, officers of the law, law, uniformed police officers, uniformed, uniformed police, riot gear, helmet, face shield, gray hair, citizen, exercising rights, smartphone, cell phone, camera phone, phone camera, recording, video, video recording, recording police
Gwen Case

Is It Legal to Record a Police Officer?

Whether the police are contacting you or you're witnessing a police encounter as a bystander, you may have questions about when you can record police. In most cases, you do have a right to record interactions with police.

detail shot of hansgrohe rain shower head
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Kaia Koglin

What Is Hard Water?

This article provides an overview of what hard water is. It includes information about different levels of hardness, why it's a problem and possible solutions.

A medically accurate 3D illustration shows the dry socket condition after a tooth extraction as the brown colored extracted tooth sits to the side of the crater left behind among three other healthy white teeth and pink gums, teeth, white teeth, gums, pink gums, extracted tooth, crater, brown tooth, mouth, inside mouth, 3D illustration, illustration, 3D, dental, dental procedure, medical, medical procedure, dentist, tooth extraction, tooth, extraction, pulled tooth
Leigh A. Morgan

What Is Dry Socket?

Extraction is fairly simple, but there are a few potential complications, including dry socket. Before you have a tooth pulled, find out what dry socket is and learn how to avoid it.

A refrigerator door is open to reveal food inside as well as where you can find the silver placard with the serial number and model number of the appliance, appliance, kitchen appliance, kitchen, food, food in fridge, serial number, model number, eggs, egg carton, fridge, refrigerator
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Rowan Guthrie

How Long Does Food Keep in a Fridge or Freezer During a Power Outage?

Sooo ... the power went out. Here's how long your food will keep in the fridge and freezer.

technician working on a water heater
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Shelley Frost

What Does a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Do?

Welcome to the world of water heaters, where a small but mighty hero stands guard: the pressure relief valve. Think of it as the guardian of your hot water tank, making sure it doesn't become a safety risk.

Water overflows ot of a white porcelain toilet and onto a dark colored tile floor in a residential bathroom with white walls, overflow, overflowing, overflowing toilet, toilet, commode, water, flood, flooding, tile floor, granite tile floor, white walls, restroom, toilet seat, plumbing, plumber
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

Why Is My Toilet Overflowing?

Your toilet could be overflowing for any of a number of reasons. We’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

Elder male suffering stomach ache, sharp cramps in upper abdomen, indigestion
Sarah Stasik

Can You Sue For Food Poisoning?

The potential for serious injuries leads some people to wonder whether they can sue for food poisoning.

A woman lies in a bed with white sheets and a tall beige padded headboard holding white pillows over here ears to muffle noise as she tries to sleep, white sheets, bedding, white bedding, bed, pillow, headboard, white background, clean sheets, woman, lying in bed, in bed, sleeping, trying to sleep, holding pillows over ears
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Michael Franco

6 Ways to Soundproof Your Doors

Soundproofing interior and exterior doors can go a long way toward creating a more peaceful and private living space. Here are six ways to get it done.

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