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Human hand checks dishwasher hose underneath a kitchen sink with visible plumbing, electrical cords and a spray can of cleaning product, pipe, drainage pipe, metal pipe, white hose, drainage hose, can, blue can, electrical cords, cords, power cords, black cords, under kitchen sink, under sink, kitchen
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Lauren Leazenby

Ever Heard of 'Brown Friday'? Pro Tips to Avoid Plumbing Pains in Thanksgiving's Aftermath

The way you treat your pipes, drains and other fixtures on Thanksgiving can help stave off a disaster that necessitates a call to an emergency plumber tomorrow.

Human green eye supermacro closeup background. Check vision concept
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How Much Does Vision Insurance Cost?

People with vision issues can benefit from having vision coverage if it's an affordable plan. Here's a breakdown of the cost factors.

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What Is Condo Insurance and What Does It Cover?

The type of home you own affects which kind of insurance you need. Condo insurance is designed specially for condo owners. Here's what it covers.

residential washer and dryer in laundry room
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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Washing Machine?

Explore the costs of washing machine installation, including the factors that might affect the pricing.

A birds eye view of a white toilet with the seat down as it flushes, flushing toilet, toilet, flush, flushing, bathroom, restroom, residential toilet, toilet bowl, toilet seat, tile floor, porcelain toilet, porcelain, water
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Try These 3 Tricks to Unclog Your Toilet Before You Call a Plumber

You flush your toilet, but instead of the water in the bowl going down, it rises. A primer on toilet clogs and what you can do about them might help you in this time of dire need.

Black mold in the corner of room wall. Preparation for mold removal.
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Michael Franco

How to Safely Remove Mold

Want to destroy some mold? Follow this guide to learn how to clean mold off any surface in your home.

Documents about Individual retirement account IRA on a desk.
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What’s an IRA?

IRAs are one of the most popular types of retirement accounts. Understanding what an IRA is and how it works can help you choose the most suitable savings plan for your circumstances.

The black tanks of a household water softener sit on a concrete floor against a white brick wall, black tanks, black, tanks, household water softener, water softener, softener, concrete floor, floor, concrete, white wall, white, wall, water service line, water
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Do You Need a Water Softener? How to Make This Hard (Water) Decision

Finding yourself wondering whether you need a water softener? The answer depends on your local water supply. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

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