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A hand reaches for a black wallet dropped with cash falling out on a beige ceramic tile floor, cash, money, cash money, green money, black wallet, wallet, billfold, ceramic tile, tile, floor tile, grout, tile grout, human hand
Sarah Stasik

What to Do if You Find a Lost Wallet?

If you find someone's wallet, how do you get it back to them? Check out this quick guide to safely returning a lost wallet.

A dentist wearing a protective glove uses a medical instrument to perform a root canal procedure on a patient with their mouth wide open, dental, dentist, dental procedure, dental health, dental surgery, surgery, man, hand, glove, medical, medical instrument
Sandy Hess

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Tooth Extracted?

The cost of a tooth extraction can vary greatly based on the location and condition of the tooth. If you need a tooth extraction, it’s important to understand what costs are associated with this procedure.

illustration of a house making noise
Home Improvement
Sarah Stasik

Why Does My House Creak and Crack?

Before you blame house settling noises on rats in the walls or a haunting happening in the attic, learn more about these sounds and what's normal.

Close up man holding hand with blue bandage as arm injury concept with car accident,
Sarah Stasik

What Is Criminal Negligence?

Negligence itself is not a crime. However, it is possible to be criminally negligent. In some cases, this is also referred to as gross negligence or culpable negligence.

A closeup of the hands of a lounging female wearing an olive green sweater and off white pants hold a smartphone and adjusts a smart home ventilation system via an app, smartphone, smart ventilation system, ventilation system, smart home, smart technology, smart tech, tech, technology, app, smartphone app, phone, personal device, HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, woman, female, hands, human hands, female hands, olive green, olive green sweater, green sweater, sweater, beige pants, off white pants, slacks, trousers, lounging, reclining, relaxing
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Does a Smart Ventilation System Cost?

While there's no doubt a smart ventilation system can reduce your energy bills, it's important to consider the effect on your wallet.

A closeup of a male hand unlocks the front door deadbolt of a red brick residence using a key attached to a keyring with many keys attached to it, male hand, keyring, key ring, keychain, key chain, keys, house keys, unlocking door, unlocking, door, front door, deadbolt, red brick residence, red brick, brick, residence, apartment, home, house, front door, door
Sandy Hess

Can My Landlord Enter My Apartment Without Notice?

A landlord can't just enter your property whenever they want. However, there are circumstances under which entry by your landlord may be required.

HVAC tech wearing mask and gloves changing an air filter
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

What Happens During an HVAC Tune-Up?

Regular HVAC tune-ups are crucial for maintaining optimal performance and lengthening the lifespan of your system. Here's what you need to know.

A human hand holds a magnifying glass over a residential subdivision blueprint showing property lines and property numbers and on top of that map sits a small model house and a pencil, human hand, hand, human, magnifying glass, pencil, model house, little house, small house, house, home, property lines, property blueprint, subdivision, residential neighborhood, neighborhood, map
Leigh A. Morgan

What Is Eminent Domain — and Does the Government Really Have the Right to Take Your Property?

Eminent domain is one of the powers held by the government. Learn what it is and find out how it can affect your community.

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