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wedding couple and insurance plan
Rowan Guthrie

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Think of wedding insurance as a safety net for your big day. It protects you financially if circumstances force you to cancel or postpone your wedding.

Young Woman Putting Photo Frame On White Wall
Home Improvement
James Fitzgerald

How to Hang Things on Your Walls

Add some personality to your space by hanging photos, framed art, mirrors and other keepsakes. Here's how.

Intellectual property, patented protection, copyright reserved or product trademark that cannot copy concept, businessman owner standing with light bulb idea locked with padlock for patents.
Kaia Koglin

How to Legally Protect Your Business Idea

Developing an idea into a million-dollar business is hard work, so you want to make sure no one steals it. Learn how to protect a business idea until launch.

Painting old tiles in the kitchen or bathroom white with a small roller and two component paint. Interior renovation.
Home Improvement
James Fitzgerald

Can You Paint Tile? 7 Steps to This DIY Project

Dreading the hassle and cost of replacing old, tired-looking tiles? We’ve got a solution: Paint your existing tiles. Learn more about this efficient, cost-effective and cleaner renovation alternative.

insurance policy on a desk with glasses
Sandy Hess

What Is Legal Insurance?

Unfortunately, legal fees can be quite high, but legal insurance helps reduce these fees and provides the advice or representation you need.

legal consultants, notary or justice lawyer discussing contract document with customer and wooden judge gavel on desk in courtroom office, business, justice law, insurance and legal service concept
Leigh A. Morgan

So You're Being Sued: How to Respond to a Lawsuit

Your doorbell rings, a sheriff's deputy hands you a notice and you find out someone is suing you. Now what?

illustration of a rejected form
Katelynne Shepard

Why Was My Student Visa Application Denied?

While thousands of students apply for these visas every year, not all are accepted. Learn why student visas may be denied and what to do if your visa application is denied.

Installing mount TV on the wall at home or office
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Mount a TV: View These 4 Easy Steps

Looking to take your entertainment space to the next level and mount your flat-screen TV to the wall? Here’s how to get the job done.

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