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Busines using a computer to complete Individual income tax return form online for tax payment. Government, state taxes. Data analysis, paperwork, financial research, report. Calculation tax return.
Sarah Stasik

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on a Settlement?

Are settlements taxable? Find out if you'll owe the IRS a decent chunk of your lawsuit settlement.

Cycling gear lying in front of the car hitting the cyclist.
Rachel Rose

What Is a Miss and Run?

Miss-and-run accidents are less common than hit-and-run accidents, but they can be equally hazardous and even harder to take action against. Here's everything you need to know about miss-and-run accidents and what to do if it happens to you.

Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Holding Pen Over Notice Of Foreclosure Document
Rowan Guthrie

What Happens to Your Lease if Your Landlord is Facing Foreclosure?

The effect of a foreclosure while renting can be destabilizing and stressful. Tenants may wonder who to pay rent to, whether their utilities will be shut off or if they'll face eviction. Here's a look at what happens to renters when a property is in foreclosure.

A dog bites the hand of a human wearing a long-sleeve shirt, dog bite, biting dog, dog biting, vicious dog, aggressive dog, aggressive, aggression, biting, injury, personal injury, animal attack, attacking animal, animal, attack, attacking, human arm, human hand, biting hand, hand
Gwen Case

If a Dog Bites Someone, Is It Put Down?

You may wonder if your dog will be put down if it bites someone. Understanding dog bite laws in your area can help you ensure that your dog and others remain safe.

Prosecutor or lawyer comforts a client who is worried about a fraudulent business in the context of legal and justice litigation assistance or legal consultant or scales of justice or law hammer or litigation and justice, lawyer comforts client, lawyer comforts, lawyer, attorney, attorney at law, law, legal, scales of justice, client, legal client, law office, desk, lawyer's desk, suit and tie, shirt and tie, business attire, upset, sad, distressed
Leigh Morgan

What Are the Consequences If You're Found Guilty of Fraud?

Although corporate fraud gets a lot of attention, fraud also occurs at the individual level. Learn more about what can happen if you're convicted of a fraud offense.

An older man wearing glasses and a blue shirt sits at a table with his chin resting against his clasped hands as he stares at the screen of a laptop computer looking distressed, older man, glasses, eyeglasses, wearing glasses, blue shirt, table, kitchen table, desk, laptop computer, laptop, computer, plants, houseplants, distressed, worried, nervous, at home, home, house, bills, paying bills
Leigh Morgan

What Do I Do If I'm a Victim of Fraud?

Some types of fraud, such as identity theft, can affect you for years, so it's important to know what to do after someone defrauds you.

Lurking in the shadows...
Leigh Morgan

Did You Know Your Home Can Be a Victim of Identity Theft?

What you may not know is that it's possible for someone to steal your home's identity, a crime known as home title theft. Learn more about this crime and how it affects homeowners.

A man carrying a briefcase arrives home from work to his home has been ransacked and burglarized with his belongings strewn about the floor of his residence, burglary, crime, robbery, criminal activity, crime victim, victim, briefcase, mess, ransacked, burglarized, burglar, steal, stolen, stealing, larceny
Shelley Frost

What to Do After a Break-in

Your home is your sanctuary, so dealing with a break-in can leave you feeling violated. Before you charge into your home to serve up your own justice, take a few deep breaths and err on the side of caution.

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