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Rental agreement contract on the deck
Gwen Case

Can My Landlord Refuse to Return a Security Deposit?

Unlike other costs, you may be expecting to get your security deposit funds back when you move out. So what happens if your landlord refuses to return your deposit?

Asia cyclist injured on the street bike after collision accident car and bike.
Sarah Stasik

Legal Rights of Injured Cyclists: Insurance Claims and Liability

If you're a cyclist injured in a car accident, you need to take steps in order to protect your rights and seek compensation.

Medical people working together on patient file, hospital office
Leigh A. Morgan

Can You Sue For a Misdiagnosis?

Medical misdiagnosis can subject you to unnecessary treatments or delay treatment for another illness. You can sue for a misdiagnosis, but it's important to seek advice from a licensed attorney before you do so.

Towing Truck Delivery. Shipping Modern Vehicle to Car Dealership From Auction Lot. Transportation and Cargo Theme.
Leigh A. Morgan

Your Legal Rights During a Car Repo: Understanding Repossession Laws

If you don't make your car payments as agreed, the lender may initiate repossession proceedings. Learn more about your rights and what to expect if your vehicle is repossessed.

Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service
Leigh A. Morgan

Can Passengers in a Car Accident Get Compensation?

Auto accidents may also lead to financial devastation, especially if you can't work and have a lot of medical bills due to your injuries. Fortunately, the law allows for a passenger in a car accident to recover damages from whomever caused the crash.

A security surveillance camera mounted on the red brick exterior wall of a house just under the white overhang of the roof and just next to a white trimmed window faces away from the home, security camera, camera, video surveillance, surveillance camera, surveillance, security, safety, red brick exterior wall, exterior wall, wall, red brick, brick, brick wall, window, roof
Rowan Guthrie

What to Know About Security Camera Laws

Surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly common, raising concerns about their impact on personal privacy. Here's everything you need to know before installing your own.

An older man wearing glasses and a blue shirt sits at a table with his chin resting against his clasped hands as he stares at the screen of a laptop computer looking distressed, older man, glasses, eyeglasses, wearing glasses, blue shirt, table, kitchen table, desk, laptop computer, laptop, computer, plants, houseplants, distressed, worried, nervous, at home, home, house, bills, paying bills
Bridget Coila

Employee Rights During a Layoff

Knowing your employee rights during a layoff helps ensure you get through this transitional period as smoothly as possible. Some federal laws are designed to protect workers from discrimination.

A bald man in a blue shirt stands near a California beach as waves from the Pacific Ocean roll in while he prepares to fly a drone on a clear day with blue skies, drone, drone pilot, drone operator, gadget, flying, remote control, beach, sand, beachfront, coastal, coast, West Coast, Pacific Ocean, California, waves, ocean, blue skies, skies, clear skies, clear sky, sky, blue sky, white clouds, clouds, bald, bald man, bald guy, blue shirt
Sarah Stasik

Is It Legal to Fly a Drone?

Drone flying is a trending hobby, and there's a lot of fun to be had. However, did you know you can't just fly a drone right out of the box without considering some laws and regulations? 

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