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A woman wearing a white long sleeve button down shirt holds a credit card in one hand and a smartphone in the other, woman wearing white long sleeve button down shirt, long sleeves, button down, white shirt, credit card, charge card, card, smartphone, cell phone, phone, mobile phone, mobile, phone scam, scam, crime, identity theft, financial, financial crime, victim
Sarah Stasik

How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

Your credit cardsstatement is a record of all charges on your account, but it's not the be-all, end-all authority on what charges you actually made. Here's how to dispute a credit card charge.

A woman with shoulder length gray hair holds her smartphone up and appears to be recording uniformed police in riot gear shown blurred in the background, police, cops, coppers, police officers, officers, law enforcement, law enforcement officers, officers of the law, law, uniformed police officers, uniformed, uniformed police, riot gear, helmet, face shield, gray hair, citizen, exercising rights, smartphone, cell phone, camera phone, phone camera, recording, video, video recording, recording police
Gwen Case

Is It Legal to Record a Police Officer?

Whether the police are contacting you or you're witnessing a police encounter as a bystander, you may have questions about when you can record police. In most cases, you do have a right to record interactions with police.

The gavel of a judge sits on a wooden surface ostensibly in a courtroom with thick books sitting on the same table in the background, gavel, judge's gavel, hammer, courtroom, court, legal, legal case, legal matter, law, law books, legal books, thick books, books, wooden table, wooden, wood
Sarah Stasik

What Is Legal Precedent?

If you've ever watched a television legal drama, you've probably heard the term "legal precedent" thrown about. But what is a legal precedent, and how much does it impact cases in the real world?

Elder male suffering stomach ache, sharp cramps in upper abdomen, indigestion
Sarah Stasik

Can You Sue For Food Poisoning?

The potential for serious injuries leads some people to wonder whether they can sue for food poisoning.

A male wearing a white shirt holds a credit card in one hand while looking at a laptop screen and typing with his other hand, male wearing white shirt, male, white shirt, man, human, human hand, hand, hands, credit card, charge card, credit, finance, financial, finances, laptop computer, laptop, computer, typing, technology, computer monitor, credit score, credit history
Leigh A. Morgan

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors

Did you know that you can dispute credit report errors? Here's how to spot errors and dispute them before they hurt your finances.

Last will on cream color paper in opened  envelope
Rachel Elle

Can You Contest a Will? Understanding Will Disputes

You don't always need to accept a will as written. Contesting a will is possible and, when handled properly, can be a viable option.

A hooded shoplifter attempts to flee from a store as a security guard chases him and a store clerk stands behind the sales counter ostensibly pressing a security alert button under the desk, security, security guard, suspect, shoplifting, shoplifter, shoplift, thief, stealing, steal, retail, retail theft, store manager, manager, store clerk, clerk, worker, guard, security, natural light, fleeing, flee, crime, criminal
Bridget Coila

Shoplifting: Everything to Know About Retail Theft

Shoplifting is a serious crime, and it's also a common one. Almost every type of brick-and-mortar store has to deal with retail theft. Here's what to know about the consequences.

An illustration shows the silhouette of a family being split apart by a tear down the middle with the mother and her young son holding hands on one side of the bisected image and the dad and his daughter holding hands on the other, family, divorce, divorce law, divorce lawyer, divorce attorney, lawyer, attorney
Rowan Guthrie

Rights of Unmarried Parents: What to Know

Traditionally, fathers' rights regarding their children were linked to their wives. However, due to demographic changes, the rights of unmarried fathers have become more complicated. Here's what to know.

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