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Four support phone operators at workplace. Pretty asian businesswoman and her team working in a call center in a company.
Leigh A. Morgan

How to Get on the National Do Not Call Registry

Stop telemarketers in their tracks by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry, a database maintained by the federal government.

A legal document titled Claim of Lien sits on a brown woodgrain desktop with an ink pen resting on it and a white cup filled with black coffee sits in a white saucer, lien, tax lien, claim of lien, property lien, legal document, legal, document, pen, ink pen, desktop, desk, woodgrain finish, woodgrain, cup of coffee, black coffee, coffee, coffee cup, saucer
Sandy Hess

What Is a Lien?

A lien is a claim a lender or another organization has against someone’s personal property. It’s important to understand what liens are and how they can jeopardize your ability to sell that property.

tradesman discussing plans with business owner for upcoming project while checking smart phone
Sandy Hess

What Is a Mechanic's Lien?

Before you consider not paying that final bill for work performed by a contractor, it’s important to understand what a mechanic’s lien is, how it works and how it can impact you.

The search results are shown on a laptop screen for kitten photos available on Wikimedia Commons in the public domain according to Creative Commons licenses, kitten, cat, kittens, cats, kitten photos, kitten photo, cat photo, cat photos, search, Google search, Google, Google search results, results, search results, photo search, computer screen, screen, display, computer display, laptop screen, laptop, laptop display, laptop computer, Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons, public domain photos, public domain
Erin Wallace

What Is a Creative Commons License?

If you're a creator who wants to share your work with the world, you might be interested in a Creative Commons license. Here's everything you need to know.

illustration of a troll hoarding patents
Bridget Coila

What Is a Patent Troll?

While the patent system was designed to help inventors keep control of their own intellectual property, patent trolls skirt the rules to make money through lawsuits for patent infringement and don't actually create anything innovative.

health care background man accident arm and leg with bandage. image for hospital, healthy, danger, person, injury, first aid concept
Shelley Frost

Personal Injury Cases: 6 Common Myths, Debunked

Have you fallen for some of these personal injury myths? Personal injury law often gets a bad rap, but working with a personal injury lawyer to file a claim could be your best option.

lawyer and client looking at each other while discussing papers in office
Kaia Koglin

What's the Difference Between and NDA and a Confidentiality Agreement?

If you're considering a confidentiality agreement versus an NDA, understanding the distinctions can help you decide which contract to use to protect your information.

A male business professional in a white shirt and black tie holds his finger over his lips in a secretive gesture as he stands against a white background, white background, male professional, professional, male, white shirt, black tie, eyeglasses, shh, be quiet, secretive, secretive gesture, finger over lips, finger, looking into camera
Sarah Stasik

What's a Confidentiality Agreement?

Many situations exist that involve confidential information or data someone desires to keep private. A confidentiality agreement is an important tool in making those expectations enforceable.

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