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Business legal document concept : Pen and glasses on a lease agreement form. Lease agreement is a contract between a lessor and a lessee that allow lessee rights to use of a property owned by lessor
Carina Jenkins J.D.

How Long After Signing a Lease Can I Back Out?

So you signed the lease a few days ago. But your dream apartment is now on the market, or you’re otherwise having second thoughts about the place you picked. Can you back out of the lease?

illustration of a hammer smashing a lease document
Sandy Hess

What to Know If You Want to Break Your Lease

There are certain circumstances that may require you to break your lease before the end of the contract period. Before you make the decision to break your lease by moving out early, it’s important to understand exactly what that means.

four panels showing different types of nuisances: trash
Shelley Frost

What Is a 'Public Nuisance' in Terms of the Law?

Legally, there’s a line between a disturbance or annoyance and a public nuisance. Here’s how to know if what you're dealing with crosses that line.

German Shepherd dog showing its teeth indoors, closeup
Shelley Frost

What Is a 'Private Nuisance' in Terms of the Law?

It's natural to feel annoyed if your neighbor plays loud music or blocks your driveway, but when do those things become a private nuisance in the eyes of the law?

A lawyer standing in the middle of a high ceiling courtroom addresses a group of jurors in the jury box as the judge looks on from the stand in the background, jury box, jury, trial, criminal trial, legal trial, case, court case, legal case, courtroom, judge, lawyer, attorney
Carina Jenkins

Do I Have to Go to Court if I Want to Sue Someone?

This article explains when a court appearance is required in a civil lawsuit. It provides information on why a court appearance may be required and whether a person must go to court to initiate a lawsuit.

The gavel of a judge sits on a wooden surface ostensibly in a courtroom with thick books sitting on the same table in the background, gavel, judge's gavel, hammer, courtroom, court, legal, legal case, legal matter, law, law books, legal books, thick books, books, wooden table, wooden, wood
Team eLocal

What Does It Mean to Be Held in Contempt of Court?

Being held in contempt of court is a serious matter and could have serious implications, including jail time. Here's what you need to know about the consequences of these charges.

Last will on cream color paper in opened  envelope
Hannah Stephens

Here's How Much It Costs to Prepare a Simple Will

If you want particular people to inherit your assets after you die, making a simple will could be a cost-effective way to ensure your wishes are followed.

Render illustration of Victim Assistance title on Legal Documents
Shelley Frost

What Support Services Are Availble to Victims of Crime?

Crime victim services can vary, with options including emotional support, financial assistance and legal guidance.

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