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illustration of a pipe leaking sensitive data
Rowan Guthrie

What to Do If Your Data Has Been Leaked

So you just got the notification that your data was compromised in a leak. Here are the steps you need to take next.

A pair of male hands and a pair of female hands rest on either side of a divorce document with a pen on top of it and gold rings beside it on the table, hands, male and female hands, couple, husband and wife, divorce document, divorce, document, legal document, legal, lawyer, lawyer's office, gold rings, rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, pen, signing document
Bridget Coila

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce: What to Know

Ending a marriage can be complicated, and some people choose legal separation instead of (or before) committing to an actual divorce. The specific laws related to separation and divorce may vary by state, with some states requiring a legal separation before a divorce can be finalized.

A male and female married couple sit close together on a couch in the living room and appear amused while looking at the smartphone the man is holding, male and female, male, female, man, woman, male and female couple, married couple, couple, married, husband, wife, husband and wife, sitting on couch, couch, living room, love, close, sitting close, looking at phone, smartphone, living room, house, home, living room
Erin Wallace

Do Unmarried Couples Have Legal Protections?

Marriage licenses and laws are handled at the state level, so whether unmarried couples have legal protections is entirely based on the state the couple lives in. Here's what to know about your rights as an unmarried couple.

A pair of human hands is shown typing on a laptop computer with the words Visa Application in large type across the top of the glowing screen as a vase of flowers sits nearby on the desk with natural light coming through a window in the background, laptop computer, laptop, computer, desk, desktop, hands, typing, human hands, flowers, vase, flower vase, natural light, visa application, visa, application, online, online application
Rowan Guthrie

What Is a CR1 Visa?

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but it can be complicated if one half of the partnership isn’t a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. However, there's a solution called the CR1 visa, which allows the happy couple to live together in the United States.

A human hand on one side of a desk with a map of the world resting on top of it hands a passport and visa to a person sitting on the opposite side of the desk, passport, visa, map, immigration, emigration, travel
Leigh A. Morgan

What Is a K-1 (Fiance) Visa?

The K-1 visa is for foreign nationals who intend to marry U.S. citizens. Before you apply for a K-1 visa, learn more about the application process and timeline.

An official hands a male and female couple their passports and visas while all three people are seated at a table in front of a map of the world in the background, man, woman, women, official, worker, male-female couple, couple, fiancee, lovers, married, husband and wife, husband, wife, engaged, married, spouse, spouses, passport, passports, visa, visas, travel
Rowan Guthrie

What Is a IR1 Visa?

U.S. citizens and permanent residents can live in the United States with their foreign-born spouses with an IR1 visa. Learn more.

lawyer lawsuit notary consultation or discussing negotiation legal case with document contract women entrepreneurs in the office, law, lawyer, legal, attorney, attorney at law, attorney-at-law, business suit, suit, male lawyer, male attorney, female, female lawyer, female attorney, legal counsel, counsel, lawsuit, countersuit, law office, legal document, meeting, documents, legal action
Elizabeth Marcant

What Happens If You Break a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Signed an NDA? You need to know more about how these agreements are enforced and what can happen if you break the contract.

A shady looking man in a black suit and white shirt appears ostensibly in a TV advertisement pointing to a chintzy looking product in a box labeled with the brand name Ultra on it along with a gold star, TV, TV screen, TV ad, TV advertisement, TV commercial, commercial, ad, advertisement, advertising, huckster, sleazy salesman, salesman, shady, shady looking, black suit, black tie, white shirt, product
Elizabeth Michael

Can You Sue for False Advertisement?

From misleading marketing to unsubstantiated product claims, many consumers fall victim to deceptive advertising. The good news? You can sue for false advertisement and may be entitled to monetary damages.

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