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Sarah Stasik

What Can I Do if My Landlord Won't Make Repairs?

What if your landlord doesn't fix things in a timely manner or at all? Unfortunately, that does happen, and it's important to know what to do if the landlord refuses to make repairs.

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Sarah Stasik

What Are My Rights as an Heir in Probate?

You may wonder whether there are rights of heirs to an estate that can protect your interests during this process. The short answer is yes, but estate heirs' rights are not unlimited.

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Rowan Guthrie

Do Step-Parents Have Custody Rights?

Stepparents often provide their stepchildren with love, support and guidance. However, when there’s a divorce or separation, or the biological parent is no longer around, stepparents are in a difficult position, custody-wise.

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Erin Wallace

How Much Does an Immigration Attorney Cost?

Hiring an immigration attorney can improve your chances at a positive outcome. Understanding immigration attorney costs can be important to planning your next step.

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Leigh A. Morgan

What Is the Legal Process For Sponsoring a Family Member's Immigration?

In most cases, a foreign citizen who wants to obtain a U.S. visa must have a sponsor. Here’s what sponsors need to know.

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Sandy Hess

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Your landlord collects that money as security in case you do any damage while you live there. However, when you're ready to end your lease and move out, you may be able to receive some, or all, of this deposit back.

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Kaia Koglin

Witness Protection: 6 Myths From TV and Movies

Think witness protection is just like in the movies? The reality is very different. Learn the truth behind Hollywood's myths and what WITSEC is really like.

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Erin Wallace

What Is Aiding and Abetting?

Getaway drivers and double-dog-darers beware: “Aiding and abetting” a crime is a crime in and of itself.

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