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Carina Jenkins

My Identity's Been Stolen! What Do I Do Now?

Do you suspect you've been the victim of identity theft? You might not find out immediately, but the effects of identity fraud can be serious for your financial health.

A police officer writes a traffic ticket, police officer, traffic ticket, ticket, traffic, patrol car, traffic enforcement, law enforcement, cop, traffic cop, citation, ticket
Carina Jenkins

Can I Get My Speeding Ticket Reduced?

Moving violations can be time-consuming, have financial repercussions and can impact your driving record. Find out if your infraction is set in stone — and if not, how to get  your speeding ticket reduced.

Accident in city, traffic problems, feeling unwell and injury in car. Despair millennial islamic african american lady driver in hijab on steering wheel presses hand to head suffering from headache
Carina Jenkins

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Not every injury qualifies as a “personal injury.” Find out what falls under personal injury law and how you should proceed if your situation meets the requirements. 

A Chicago elevated train goes around a bend in the train tracks with large buildings on either side of it, train, elevated train, subway, public transportation, transportation, bend in train tracks, tracks, buildings, large buildings, tall buildings, urban skyline, urban canyon, skyline, brick buildings
Carina Jenkins

What Should I Do If I've Been Injured on or by Public Transportation?

Being involved in a public transportation accident can result in personal injury that keeps you from working and creates high medical bills. Here's what to know about public transportation injury claims.

A dog bites the hand of a human wearing a long-sleeve shirt, dog bite, biting dog, dog biting, vicious dog, aggressive dog, aggressive, aggression, biting, injury, personal injury, animal attack, attacking animal, animal, attack, attacking, human arm, human hand, biting hand, hand
Carina Jenkins

Dog Bites and Legal Action: What Happens After an Attack?

No one want to be on the receiving end of a dog bite. No matter how severe the bite is, taking the proper steps afterward can help you recover faster and get the financial compensation you deserve. 

A yellow traffic citation sits next to a twenty dollar bill and the gavel of a judge, gavel, judge's gavel, courtroom, $20, $20 bill, twenty, twenty-dollar bill, cash, cash money, money, traffic ticket, traffic citation, citation, ticket, legal
Carina Jenkins J.D. Team eLocal

What Happens If You Don't Pay a Traffic Ticket?

While ignoring a traffic ticket is a bad idea, don't panic if you forgot about one. There are usually ways to remedy the situation.

A police officer in a patrol car points a speed detector gun out the window in an attempt to catch speeding drivers, police officer, officer, cop, police, radar gun, speed detection gun, speed detection, law enforcement, traffic, traffic cop, police car, patrol car, speeding, speeding ticket, speed trap
J.D. Written by Team eLocal.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket?

So you got caught speeding, and now, you're facing a traffic ticket. Do you need a lawyer? Do you even need to go to traffic court? We break it down for you here.

A red vehicle with writing on the windshield indicates that the price has been reduced significantly, red car, car, used car, vehicle, used vehicle, writing, price, pricing, reduced price, windshield, reduced, dealership, car dealership, used car dealership
J.D. Written by Team eLocal

How to Prevent Auto Fraud

Even though you should be able to trust auto dealerships, not all of them are honest and trustworthy. Find out what auto fraud is and how you can protect yourself.

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