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Roof top of the house with installed illumination showing the large flood light and small decorative lights, flood light, light, lights, lighting, outdoor lighting, outdoor, outdoors, motion lights, motion activated lights, motion activated, security, security lights, safety, home security, roof, rooftop, house, home, pointed roof, night light, night, evening, dusk, dark, getting dark, sky, night sky, evening sky, house lights
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Do Motion-Activated Lights Cost?

Unlit spots around your home can create opportunities for home intruders. If you're concerned about home security, lighting these areas with motion-activated lights could help protect your family and possessions.

Installing electrical outlet electricity safety cover to prevent child electrocution, plastic plugs, plastic covers, outlet covers, outlet, electrical outlet, electrical, electricity, electric, shock, electrocution, safety, electrical safety, plug in, hand, human hand, child proofing, baby proofing
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

17 Tips for Babyproofing Your House

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into your home is an exciting time, but it also comes with a lot of adjustments. Going room-by-room helps you address all the key risks to create a safer environment for your curious kiddos.

Copper pipe insulated with black foam
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter With These 7 Tips

Frozen pipes can cause major damage to your plumbing system. You might think you're fine as long as your furnace is running, but pipes can freeze even if your home feels warm.

Overloaded Electrical outlet with no room for more plugs, overloaded electrical outlet, electrical outlet, outlet, electrical, electric, electricity, overloaded, outlet, plugged in, plug, plugged, plug in, hand, human hand, danger, safety, wall outlet, tile
Home Improvement
Carina Jenkins

How Much Can You Plug Into One Outlet?

How many things can you safely plug into one outlet? If you find yourself with more devices than electrical outlets, here are some tips.

small outdoor decorative wading pool
Home Improvement
James Fitzgerald

How to Drain a Pool

There comes a time when every pool owner must perform an essential yet frequently overlooked maintenance task: draining their pool. Here are two methods that'll help you get this job done.

Three outdoor central AC units
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

What to Know About HVAC Efficiency Ratings: SEER, EER and HSPF

As long as your furnace or AC continues to do its job, you’re unlikely to think about its efficiency rating. But you should — because just as a leaky faucet can run up your water bill, an inefficient HVAC system can result in higher energy costs.

electric vehicle being charged
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles are expensive, but charging is where you actually could save some cash. Here’s how to find out if switching to an EV will really save you money.

A person's finger points to the dust that has accumulated between the slats of a bathroom fan grate, bathroom fan, bathroom exhaust fan, exhaust fan, fan, bathroom, restroom, dirty, dirty fan, fan grate, grate, filthy, dust, dusty
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan is essential to ensure its optimal performance. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the step-by-step process of cleaning a bathroom exhaust fan.

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