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A closeup of a vacuum cleaner attachment is shown cleaning an HVAC vent with a human hand visible in the background, hvac, hvac vent, AC vent, vent, cleaning, dusting, dust, vacuum cleaner attachment, attachment, hand, human hand
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Michael Franco

How to Clean HVAC Registers and Vents

Over time, HVAC vents can accumulate dust, dirt, and allergens, reducing the system's efficiency and indoor air quality. Here's how to get them clean.

A window lock is shown in closeup with natural light coming in from the outside, window lock window, windows, window locks, security, home security, lock, locks, window sill, window jamb, sill, jamb, glass, natural light, light, locked, safety, home safety
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Michael Franco

How to Install Window Locks

Window sash security locks provide an effective and simple solution to enhance the safety of your home. Here's a primer and step-by-step installation guide.

Human hand wearing a black glove plugs in a green plug for holiday lights into an exterior wall outlet housed in a plastic outlet cover, black glove, hand in black glove, glove, hand, human hand, green plug, plug, outlet, exterior outlet, home outlet, household outlet, wall outlet, outdoor outlet cover, outlet cover, holiday lights
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Michael Franco

How Outdoor Outlets Keep You Safe

Choosing the right outdoor outlet with the appropriate safety features is crucial for a secure and reliable electrical setup. Here's all you need to know.

Pipes of HVAC system (heating ventilation and air conditioning).
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Angela Noel

What Is a Central Ventilation System?

Central ventilation systems offer the perfect solution by pumping new life into stagnant living spaces. Explore the science behind these simple mechanical machines and how they use fresh air to improve health and comfort while protecting homes from moisture damage.

Google Nest Cam for outdoor use
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Shelley Frost

Home Security Tips for Renters

You might not own your home, but you can keep it secure with devices such as alarm systems for apartments and door bars. Try these home security tips for renters to feel safer in your apartment.

A man with a white hard hat holding a clipboard, inspect house
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Hannah Stephens

How Often Should You Get a Home Inspection?

Why get a home inspection without a good reason? Knowledge is power, and knowing as much as possible about your home's condition is an excellent way to protect your family and nip minor issues in the bud. 

A home inspector wearing a white hardhat and yellow safety jacket stands on a ladder holding a clipboard as he examines the gutters of a house in a suburban neighborhood under a blue sky with scattered white clouds in the background, home inspector, inspector, suburban neighborhood, neighborhood, blue sky, white clouds, gutters, downspouts, shingles, roof, roofing, gutter inspection, checking gutters for damage, checking gutters
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

A closer look at home inspection costs can help lift the shroud of mystery surrounding this essential part of the buying and selling process.

person installing security camera with hand drill
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Team eLocal

How Much Do Security Monitoring Services Cost?

Home monitoring systems are becoming more popular as technological advances support more security for families. There's a wide range of offerings from many companies you can choose from as you decide how best to protect your house.

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