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An apple that has been cut in half has been left to attract the fruit flies
Home Improvement
Missy Nolan

Why Are There Fruit Flies in My Kitchen? (Plus, How to Get Them Out)

Few things can ruin your appetite like an annoying swarm of fruit flies hovering around ripe produce. If you can relate, you might be wondering where these icky insects came from and how to get rid of fruit flies in your house.

garage sale sign on a street corner
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale not only clears out your home and earns you some cash, but lets some items have a second life. Here are the steps to success.

powerstrip with overloaded circuit
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

How Do You Know a Circuit Is Overloaded?

Electrical circuits are designed to safely handle a limited amount of electricity flowing through them. But when too many devices draw power from the same circuit, it can become dangerously overloaded.

Broken home doors after burglary. Home insurance concept
Home Improvement
Missy Nolan

These 5 Things Are Signs Your Home Has Been Invaded

Some signs of a burglary are obvious, such as a trail of muddy footprints leading to an open front door. Others, such as strange markings on your windows or garage door, can be harder to notice.

duplicate machine make new key. Locksmith theme
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

Can a Locksmith Create a New Key For a Lock If I Lost All the Copies?

Locksmiths are able to make a key without the original using several techniques. It's a complicated job requiring significant skill, so you'll need to hire a qualified locksmith instead of a regular key cutter.

a few cicadas on a tree
Home Improvement
Elizabeth Michael

How to Keep Cicadas Under Control

The cicadas are coming! While they're not harmful to people, pets and most plants, they're still a bit icky. Learn how to keep them under control.

two cicadas on a tree branch
Home Improvement
Lisa A. Koosis

How to Prepare For the Cicada Emergence

During the 2024 periodical cicada emergence, people in the Midwest and parts of the South could see millions of these flying insects. Fortunately, cicadas aren’t destructive, so you can sit back and enjoy nature’s big show with little or no preparation.

Exoskeletons, nymphs and adult 17-year Brood X cicadas on the ground underneath a tree in eastern Illinois during 2021 emergence.
Home Improvement
Missy Nolan

Everything You Need to Know About the Cicada Emergence

Don't be surprised if you see more cicadas than usual in 2024. This year is special because two different broods of cicadas, Brood XIII and Brood XIX, will emerge at the same time. Here's what to know before the bugs come out.

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