How Can I Find Specific Replacement Parts For My Toilet?

by Missy Nolan
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Toilets are something many of us take for granted — until they break. Fortunately, many basic toilet repair jobs, such as replacing toilet tank parts, can be completed without professional plumbing assistance.

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Determining what replacement parts you need is arguably the hardest step, but don't let that scare you. You can often find key information in seconds by checking your toilet tank.

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How Do I Know What Replacement Part I Need for My Specific Toilet?

If your toilet has an owner's manual, you're in luck. The manual may list the specific toilet bowl parts or toilet tank parts you need. Even if it doesn't, you can likely identify the model number for your toilet by reviewing the manual. The model number is important because it helps you determine the specific parts required for repairs or replacements. 

You can also check the toilet tank for a stamped, painted or engraved model number. This number may be on the underside of the toilet tank lid or on the back or sidewall of the tank. Occasionally, model numbers are located on the underside of the bowl flange or near the base of the toilet, so keep looking if you don't spot the number in your tank. 

Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to locate the toilet model number. In this situation, consider searching for universal toilet repair parts or parts made for toilets that look like yours. If you're shopping in person, try bringing the damaged part to the store so you can find similar toilet hardware. 

Where Can I Find Replacement Parts for My Toilet?

Replacement parts are often available directly from the brands or companies that manufacture toilets. Many toilet manufacturers have customer service representatives available via phone, chat or email who can help shoppers find the right toilet components, such as a replacement toilet flapper or a new toilet flush valve. 

You can also purchase replacement parts for toilet repair from a hardware store or home improvement retailer. This can typically be done online or by visiting your local retailer in person. However, some parts may not be available in stores, especially if they're for hard-to-find toilet models.

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Will I Need to Order Replacement Parts Online for Toilet Repair?
You may need to shop online for toilet replacement parts if you can't find them at your local retailer. Here are some reasons this can happen:

  • You have a popular toilet model. Toilet repair parts for popular models may sell out quickly in stores near you. This can be common in areas where many homes are built by the same construction company or large numbers of new apartments or condos are being built. 
  • You own a unique toilet. If you've upgraded the appliances and fixtures in your home with custom models, you may have a different model than other homeowners in your area. This can make it difficult to find parts in stores unless you buy universal toilet repair kits.
  • Your toilet is an older model. When it comes to home fixtures, many people agree that older models are built to last. However, this can make finding toilet parts like a specific toilet flapper tricky when something finally does go wrong. 
  • Local retailers prefer specific brands or manufacturers. Sometimes, brick-and-mortar hardware stores have contracts with well-known companies or simply prefer products from certain brands.

You may want toilet replacement parts ASAP, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. Luckily, many companies offer fast shipping options so you can get your toilet working again quickly. 

With a little patience and some basic skills, you can repair your toilet when minor issues arise. Find the right toilet parts for your fixture by checking your owner's manual, examining the toilet tank or contacting a hardware store. Reach out to a toilet repair professional or plumber if you need additional guidance choosing parts or installing new toilet components in your bathroom. 

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