9 Things You Didn’t Know a Locksmith Could Do

by Rowan Guthrie
Locksmith picks a cylinder lock with lockpick and tension wrench

We’ve all been there — that panic-inducing moment when you close a door behind you and then realize the keys are still inside. After yelling aloud a few choice words, your mind turns to the thought of finding someone who can help.

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But did you know your friendly neighborhood locksmith does more than just let you back into your car or home when you get locked out? Sure, those unexpected lockouts are what they’re best known for, but their skills go far beyond that. Locksmiths are true masters of all things keys and locks, with many capabilities that most people never even consider.

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What Are Some Services Most People Don’t Know a Locksmith Can Provide?

Let’s look at nine popular services many people don’t realize a locksmith can offer.

1. Installing Safes and Vaults

Do you need a secure place to store your valuables, important documents or maybe firearms? Locksmiths will not only sell you a high-quality safe or vault, but they can also install it properly and service it for you. They've got you covered, whether you need a basic safe for your home or a large one for your business.

2. Programming Key Fobs and Remotes

That little key fob that locks and unlocks your car doors is essentially a specialized remote control. To work effectively, it needs to be properly programmed by someone who knows what they’re doing, or a time will come when it stops working — probably when you need it most. If yours malfunctions or you lose it, a locksmith can get you a new one programmed specifically for your vehicle.

3. Installing Comprehensive Home Security Systems

Locksmiths don't just deal with locks — many also have extensive knowledge of home security systems. Therefore, if you want to make your home safer, you should consider their more specialized services. They can evaluate your home's security needs and install an integrated system with alarms, cameras, smart locks and other products to ensure full protection. They can also service the system to keep you and yours safe and secure year-round.

4. Residential and Commercial Door Repair

Have you got a problem with a malfunctioning or damaged door? Locksmiths have the skills to repair or replace residential and commercial entry doors, door closers, emergency exit hardware and the locks and access control systems that go with them. 

5. Master Key Systems

Large businesses, schools and apartment complexes often utilize master key systems that allow certain keys to open all locks or a subset of them. Setting up and servicing these comprehensive master key systems is all in a day's work for an experienced locksmith. So, if you need a master key system, contact a local locksmith. They’ll gladly evaluate your building and recommend, install and service a suitable system.

6. Intercom System Services

Building intercoms allow you to screen visitors before remotely unlocking a door. Therefore, they’re essential for all types of commercial and noncommercial buildings. Locksmiths frequently work with intercom systems, installing them, repairing wiring issues and programming credentials for people with authorized access privileges.

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7. High-Security Lock Installation

Do you have valuable belongings or sensitive data you need to protect? Locksmiths can advise on and install high-security locks, such as keycard systems, biometric locks and high-security cylinders. 

8. Access Control Systems

Modern businesses and buildings often use advanced access control systems that allow entry via keycards, fobs, mobile credentials or biometrics. Locksmiths routinely set up and maintain these intricate, customized systems. They can also advise customers on the most appropriate systems for their needs and tailor the design to ensure it fits the customer's requirements perfectly.

9. Lock Rekeying Services

What do you do if you lose your keys or move into a new property and are given the keys belonging to the previous owner? You get new keys, right? Not necessarily. Instead of replacing all your locks after moving into a new property or losing some keys, locksmiths can rekey your existing locks. You'll benefit from new keys for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Whether it's simple key duplication, being rescued from an automotive lockout or setting up a state-of-the-art smart access control system for your business, locksmiths offer an incredibly diverse array of lock and key services for residential and commercial customers.

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